Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Focus.

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Our Mission.

Over Yonder Magazine inspires readers to have a positive impact – both in their own lives and in the lives of those around them in the community we call home. We support local small business owners by providing a high-quality, cost-effective, mass impact medium that not only reaches potential clients, but forges genuine connections that leave a lasting positive impression on them. We provide a unique platform for our partners to spend less -reaching more - solidify ROI.

Our mission, is really a question, ‘Who (and how) can we help?’

Our Vision.

Encourage and enable people to improve relationships, through our content, engage in dialogue wherever they are and gather. Provide a forum for all who share the ideals of family, integrity, giving, community, fun, freedom and truth. #LoveOurTown

Live. Love. Local.

Local Beats. 


Local Talent. That’s our jam!

We are Lake Norman’s only local entertainment magazine. Whether you’re looking for a Ladies Night Out, Date Night or just insight to find that hidden hot spot to gather with friends…we have you covered.

Music is always in-season around the lake and rest assured our local singer-songwriters have something for everyone to enjoy. From intimate coffee shops to full on purpose built stage venues…and every venue in between.

Musical styles include: Low key unplugged instrumental sets, cover bands that bring back the ‘Good ol’ Days’, symphony concerts, rock, cutting-edge country…and more.

Over Yonder highlights the best venues and there are plenty around the lake to tickle your fancy…or should I say ear?

Local. Live. Music.

Eats + Spirits


Bon Appetit. Mixology.

Q: You know what goes great with live music and good company?

A: Great food and tasty drinks!

We work hard to expose the coolest establishments in LKN.

From our local breweries, distilleries, fine dining, casual eateries…and yup…food trucks reviews. We are your one stop resource to find Lake Norman’s hidden gems or maybe expose that hot spot you drive by everyday - yet never knew exactly what ‘good times’ happened inside. Over Yonder is your LKN food + entertainment guide.


  1. the skill of mixing cocktails and other drinks to perfection.