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General Questions


How do I receive a coupon or discount code from an advertiser?

  1. Simply text the 'sample word' to a text short code number provided in the printed ad.
  2. You will instantly receive a text, email, or both with an attachment for that desired discount, offer, freebie, enter to win, etc. We respect everyone’s privacy and never send daily bothersome messages! We all hate being spammed, and this service is intended to be a convenience, not a floodgate. 
  3. Once a month or so, our advertisers will send helpful free information, a gift on your birthday, special offers, and reminders, but nothing on an obtrusive level. We all hate to be bothered day-in and day-out.
  4. Of course, you can opt out anytime you like. Again, we all like to save or get a great deal, but being bombarded with spam or meaningless annoying messages isn't our thing.

How often does the magazine get sent?

Over Yonder is mailed quarterly to every household within Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville. Of course, residents can get the latest issue or past issues by visiting us online anytime they choose. 

How much does an ad cost?

Great question. We offer full-page editorial style ads, full-page traditional ads, 1/2 page ads, and 1/3 page ads. In addition to the size of ads, there are a few premium placement options as well as the Mobile Marketing Platform options. So to give a blanket number would not be possible, but rest assured that we offer ultra competitive pricing packages and service discounts on bundling options and extended terms. Call (704) 805-0383 or email to schedule an appointment. NOTE: Quarter page ads are reserved for charities as well as trade/bartered products and/or services between OYM and its advertisers and are not typically for sale. 

Why is giving important?

Over Yonder strongly believes in the power of giving. Therefore, a large percentage of all revenue generated from ad sales, promotions, and professional services is given back to charities that immediately support our local community, such as Second Harvest of Metrolina, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, churches, and others. Every December issue will have a dedicated section detailing the number of people helped, monies given, and impact from giving.

Psalm 23:5 speaks about 'Having more than enough for my needs,' meaning that the Lord provides every personal need (cup) and through abundance we bless those around us. The greedy person looks for a bigger cup; whereas, a grateful, generous person gives from his or her overflow to those in need. Over Yonder's president believes that giving the first 10%+ away while being faithful to operate within a reasonable budget and profit target is a true WIN-WIN.

WIN #1 - Strong vibrant community and non-profit charitable organizations thrive in their calling to help those in need. 

WIN #2 - Business is profitable and growing.

How to enter my furry family member for 'Pooch of the Month'?

Go to our home page and click the 'Register' icon to jump to the submission form. Answer a few simple questions, tell us about your furry family member, upload a photo of your pup, hit submit, and you're done. Entries will be selected and featured on the magazine's highlight page. Every pup is a winner! Every entrant will receive a coupon or prize from one of Over Yonder's pet supply/store advertisers. See details inside submission form area.