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Submit your furry family member here. In the area below, add the following:

1. Human name, first and last (Example: Joan Smith)

2. Human email address (Example: Joan.smith@mail.com)

Please use a valid email address and make sure to check your spam folder. If we do end up in the junk folder, make sure to check 'Not Spam' or simply move the message to your inbox. If we do not receive a response within 24 hours of selection, we will have to select another candidate as printing presses wait for no one. Like your pet, we at Over Yonder sit, fetch, and listen to our printers as they feed us. LOL. 

3. Pooch Fun Fact Section: First include puppy name and human last name (Example: Fido Smith), then tell us in few sentences why he/she is so awesome.

Note: We get it—our pets rock and we could all write a novel about how cute our furry family members are. Unfortunately, we have limited space, so please keep the description to no more than 100 words. If it’s longer, we may be able to make it work, but if not, we’ll edit it to get the amazingness across—we promise!

HINT: Add things like favorite food, toy, places to go, games to play, etc. 

4. Most Important! Use the link below and upload a high-resolution jpeg photo of your pet. If a phone number is provided, we will call you if there is an issue with the photo quality, etc. We are a small local business, and if meeting somewhere to take a photo is needed, we are always game to have a doggie playdate and call it work. :) 

5. PLEASE NOTE: Photographer grants Over Yonder a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use this image for permitted commercial purposes, defined as:

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