About Us.

Re: Overyonder Magazine was created to exclusively highlight our live entertainment scene, local car culture, great food, unique breweries/wine/cocktail spots and all-around cool places and experiences around the lake. There are several magazines and media surrounding women and their interests. Re: Overyonder in the ONLY men’s centric publication. This is a good thing for advertisers…because we all know men typically aren’t the best at picking out gifts or romantic dinner spots, etc. Hence why our advertisers give them subtle hints. LOL.

For our advertising partners, we noticed a niche and need for cost-effective local print advertising solution. To deliver on that promise, we unapologetically embrace an aggressive pricing model (OY is typically drastically less than the competition). How? OY is a truly local publication. Unlike 99% of the other Charlotte and Lake Norman publications we are NOT a franchise! Therefore, we have zero franchise fees to pass along, no restrictions, and are not forced to print national ads that ultimately compete with your local small business. Plus, thanks to decades of advertising and print experience, our team has streamlined our processes so there is zero waste = savings for you!

Target resident HHI is >$100k. We direct to Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and Mooresville…~10,000 per month -12x per year!

WE ARE a true locally owned company with the same high quality look and feel you see in regional publications – and we simply offer more bang for your ad spend. Period! You see, we base our target readers on what matters most to our advertisers …disposable HHI (Household income)

Q: Why segregate based on a neighborhood HOA vs HHI?

A: Simple answer…HHI (Household income) is the true micro target advantage. Rather than simply mailing to select HOA’s in a limited number of prominent neighborhoods. Because we live here, we realize our neighbors aren’t restricted by the boundaries of a certain affluent well known neighborhood – they are just as likely to live on the lake or family oriented neighborhood around the corner! OY target’s by income instead of stereotypes, our overall reach is much greater and more widespread – right where YOU want and need to be.

Fact: We are so much more than Print!

Does your marketing, print advertising, digital communications and social media work together holistically? If you answered ‘No’ or ‘I’m not sure’. No Problem! Our team has you covered! So you can focus on what’s more important…your business! Ask us how when we sit down and discuss your marketing campaigns and goals.

Over Yonder, actively promotes your Brand in real life.

We’re scarily passionate about helping you succeed. We take the time, have genuine interest your business asking the right questions. Whereby helping us better understand you and your overall goals…together…we help facilitate and align local B2B connections, as well as, marketing solutions that strengthen your overall plan and help you reach and sustain positive, quantifiable outcomes.

From the Editor’s Desk.

Dear Reader/Advertising Partner;

Re: Over Yonder Magazine has a simple mission: Connecting our community.

Inside our pages, you’ll always discover engaging stories about the people, places, and passion for giving back that makes Lake Norman the place we all love to call home. Local Entertainment, casual and fine dining reviews, wine, spirits, cigars and local live music is our core business. We hope our stories have a positive impact on our readers’ lives by helping them find that perfect date night, girls night out or hidden hot spot to spend with neighbors and friends. We develop content with the goal of making genuine connections to exceptional local businesses who are dedicated to serving our community. Beats, Eats and Entertainment.

You see, we believe that our entire community thrives when our small businesses are healthy and when we are working together to give back. My own years of owning both brick and mortar retail businesses and then a marketing firm have taught me firsthand what our partners need from us to succeed and how to best connect them to the readers they most need to reach. Our entire team is focused on forging connections that transcend our pages and transform lives in our community. 

Because at the end of the day, re: overyonder is really about YOU!


Trish Stukbauer

 Live. Love. Local.