THE LAUNCH EDITION SPECIAL OFFER - for all LKN Chamber of Commerce, LKNSBN and BLOC is set to expire -----> Friday, August 24, 2018. Even at full price Over Yonder Magazine prices are still ~50% cheaper than our competition and we mail to several thousand more households than a lion share of them as well. In addition, we've partnered with LKN Connect so you get online presence as well! If you miss the introduction offer of no deposit you will still get a great deal. 

Join the local movement!

So you’ve decided to give Direct Mail a try. Great choice! But now you’ve got more decisions to make, right? There are so many options in the market, including envelope companies (you know the ones), National Clip & Save Mags, and of course, the local newspaper. Here at Over Yonder we are a locally owned business just like you and we only support local businesses. We are vested in your success and want to help you grow your business. How do we do that? We offer a high quality publication that is different from a coupon clip trove. We focus our content on the people, places, and experiences that make Lake Norman an amazing place to live. Then we complement these articles with beautifully designed ads that draw people to your product or service. None of the national options do this. None of them are exclusively focused on what makes Lake Norman great. 

Here are just a few of the impressive facts and figures about Over Yonder vs. National Options:

Quality over Quantity. National products offer high-volume pricing, sure. But honestly, mailing to 100,000+ households does what exactly when only 10,000-45,000 of the homes are within driving distance of your business? This means that your ads are mostly being viewed by those who will never buy your product or service. In contrast, we only mail to Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville. In other words, we can reach 45,000 +/- households that live in your community, drive by your business, and are within your service area. You see, when our readers—our neighbors—see a company, service, or product in our magazine they know that whoever is advertising with us cover to cover is typically right around the corner . . . quality over quantity. The big distributors may dazzle with big numbers, but wouldn't you rather reach actual potential customers who live and work in this community?

Our sole purpose is to quantify growth, build brand recognition, and, most importantly, cultivate a viable long-lasting relationship between you and your customers (and hopefully you and us). We don’t sell ads to big-box national brands and/or businesses because we are focused on local content and helping local businesses. In other words, we're focused on you.

Demographics. Mecklenburg zip codes reach higher income, owner-occupied, single-family dwellings, which means there is greater disposable income and buying potential.

The Product. Over Yonder advertising is much more than a ad and certainly not a coupon book tailored for huge giveaways. We offer customization, technology-based options that solidify quantifiable ROI for your ad dollars. Over Yonder is direct marketing in every sense; we are not a mass blanket publication like many of our competitors.

  1. Our ads target ideal communities close to your business, allow more flexibility in the final cost, and are placed next to relevant, local content.
  2. Over Yonder is mailed 12 times a year; therefore, your business will be able to deliver a consistent message to your customers throughout the calendar year, along with greater flexibility for seasonal communication.
  3. We leverage mobile technology (MSCT). This encourages interaction between businesses and potential clients, yielding a stronger ROI. Residents engage with the MSCT that is optionally integrated within your ad in order to receive discounts and/or special offers. This allows us the versatility to connect with consumers in between print ad cycles.  

GIVING BACK IS IMPORTANT TO US: A percentage of all advertising revenue will support the local charity Loaves & Fishes and the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. We encourage you to click the link and learn more about what Loaves & Fishes is doing within Mecklenburg County.



As a resident/owner of a locally owned independent business or service, your business will be searchable on our website and seen in our high-quality publication mailed to 45,000+ residential homes. These homes are ALL within Mecklenburg County (Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville). We don't believe in waste! Instead, we precisely target those who actually will purchase your goods or services. 


Increase consumer confidence in your business as a true local business. You live here in the community and operate your business because you believe in yourself and the value you add to this community. Recent surveys/studies have found that leveraging a BUY LOCAL marketing campaign increases business. Give the consumer confidence that you are committed to the community by joining the Over Yonder movement, in which we forego high profits in lieu of building a strong sense of community. Live Here. Shop Here. 


Meet and greet fellow business owners in our private local business events held semi-annually. We encourage the development of business to business relationships with other like-minded small business owners. B2B relationships have fostered more value than any other form of network marketing; there is no better form of a WIN-WIN scenario.

Our job is to communicate and share your business with other businesses within our community. There are tons of B2B opportunities whereby cost savings can be had by simply connecting two owners and having an open dialog. Over Yonder is an engaged member of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce. Do you have an idea that will strengthen our community? Need someone to share a specific message with other local small business owners? We can help! It is our job to be active in our community and spread the word. Need a section in the publication to raise awareness for a good cause? Let's talk. It's not always about dollars and cents. If we can help, we will. We love to support great causes that help our community. After all, we live and work in this great community as well. 


For the consumer (patrons), discounts and exclusive offers from Over Yonder advertisers and partners will be delivered using mobile technology campaigns. This technology will not only streamline your ad's effectiveness but will also grow our database for future targeted offers and calls to action. 

If you select proven ROI methods, such as a 6- or 12-month ad campaign, you will receive greater discounts as well as the benefit of validity and prominence within your brand/professional genre. It is proven that advertising is a cost of doing business, and greater returns come to those who are consistent and remain relevant/front of mind to their consumer base. Everyone knows what the golden arches represent or the curved bottle of soda, yet these companies advertise consistently everywhere.  


We are more than a print magazine publication. We have 20+ years working in executive roles at Fortune 50 companies managing >$250M budgets. We will leverage this experience to help facilitate and/or consult on proper and effective social media, web presence, print ads, etc. More importantly, we will work with you to help you improve overall business operations and processes. We are more than just a print ad company. We care about your success. 

The print and online version of our magazine will have spotlight articles on specific companies that choose to leverage this option as well as direct email campaigns to its database of customers. Other direct mail pieces are also available to our partners. 


You ... Choose to put your money where your family lives
Mecklenburg County is OUR home and you’ve chosen to open your business here. Supporting other small businesses helps your business. Shopping local puts 70% more money back into the local economy and improves the community.

You ... Celebrate choice
You have a choice where to spend your money and you make an effort to invest in your community. Did you know that local independent businesses are the largest contributors to local charities? This means that as we support local businesses, we support local charities as well.

You ... Are the future
By supporting local businesses today, you’re investing in a unique, sustainable future for our community and our children tomorrow!

We ... Support your decision

We will work daily to communicate your business, service, and/or product not only in our publication but in every relevant conversation we have with other business owners, residents, etc. Always engaged on your behalf!