Embrace Community. Live Here. Shop Here.

How it all started.

The concept originated in 1993 when our founder Bryan Viger was serving as a U.S. Marine in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Africa. He witnessed firsthand severe starvation and vowed to form a business that helped to combat that problem in his local community.

In 2018, Bryan formed Over Yonder Magazine to boldly embrace our community, encourage volunteering, support local businesses, and, most importantly, give back. Over Yonder focuses exclusively on local small businesses, distributes only to households in Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville (30,000 households), and features content on living and working here. 

A percentage of all revenue generated from ad sales, promotions, and professional services goes right back into local community charities, thus fulfilling the mission of Over Yonder.

Your success matters to us.

Are you tired of slick sales pitches that result in the bare minimum effort (at best), of advertising that yields unmeasurable or minimal results?

We are too. Because your success matters to us, we approach you with humility, meaning that are willing to learn and open to your ideas and input. National ad placement companies often have a one-size-fits-all approach. Not here.

We’re going to ask questions to better understand your needs and then craft an advertising plan that positions you to succeed. Together we truly believe we can uncover solutions that will strengthen your business. You see, from the beginning, it’s always been about connection—connection to our readers and to our those who partner with us.

Confidence counts and humility matters. But there’s a quiet confidence, an assuredness, which is our philosophy and far more effective in sales, in leadership, and in life. Confidence is the foundation whereby humility stands and rises above pride and empty promises.

“In humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.”—Philippians 2:3-4

Why our approach is different and why it works.

Bryan, our owner, is a local small business owner who prides himself in supporting local residents and businesses. Call his cell phone day or night and he is sure to answer. Want to run some ideas by him? Expect a passionate meeting with tons of insight, advice, and ideas—given freely. Our relationship doesn’t stop after the ad is bought. Because we are much more than an ad company, we want to partner with you beyond the transaction.

What does that mean exactly? Over Yonder isn’t just an ad printing company or a simple coupon publication. Anyone can do that! Sure, we create, design, and direct mail to tens of thousands of local homeowners, but our real value and main purpose is to listen and then help you formulate viable solutions to strengthen your business.

Bryan will help you incorporate the same four fundamentals of advertising he’s used in Fortune 50 companies with endless budgets. And it works—because it’s not the size of the spend; it’s the process. He’ll help you identify areas of opportunity that will create true business-to-business and business-to-customer growth—sustainable and quantifiable growth.


Small Business = Huge Impact

Supporting local small businesses is more than just buying local. It is encouraging local businesses to invest and grow within our community as well as sourcing locally within the community’s supply chain.

For every dollar spent at a national chain, 87% goes back to the big corporate office to fund its growth, expansion, and mission statement, leaving 13% to be spent in the local community. Buying local, on the other hand, means that 75% of every dollar gets pumped back into our local economy!

Choosing to support our neighbors keeps our community growing, prosperous, and vibrant.

Why our focus is small.

We believe that our Lake Norman community and its residents need to insulate themselves from the economic roller coaster of the nation’s big-box stores. The best way to do that is to become self-reliant and economically independent. This all starts with leveraging our local purchasing power. 

National chains and conglomerates are overtaking small-town America at an alarming rate. In our early days as a nation, every small town had its own charm that came from its local merchants and unique flare. Today, the majority of towns across America look quite the same, a copy and paste reproduction. 

Do you want that small-town charm back? 

Do you think people should earn what they are worth? 

Should families have more time together? 

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, then you too support small-business theory. And by simply shopping at any of our advertisers’ businesses, you are supporting the cause. We all want to buy from people we know, a place where they know our name.

We also know that sometimes it’s necessary to shop at national chains, but we hope that when you’re able, when you have a choice, you’ll support your neighbors’ businesses.

Veteran Owned


Bryan Viger, our owner and founder, was a United States Marine (1989-1994) who served in Desert Storm in Iraq and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Africa. While in Africa, he witnessed General Adid starving the people to death. This cruel genocide tugged on his heart, and he vowed to one day own a business that supported charities that battled hunger.

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Sturdy advertising stands on four legs: visual. digital. action. data.

A successful brand ad campaign needs to provide measurable and quantifiable results through creating a strong foundation on which to set the four legs of advertising.

1) Visually capture your target audience via print ad

2) Digital engagement through social/mobile/web mediums

3) Request customer to engage or register

4) Data is simply the ROI measurable that solidifies your investment. The key to everything is producing value for your potential customers in the form of discounts, VIP services, etc. 

Over Yonder isn't a print ad company. Sure, we do place ads in our publication but that's where the similarity between us and our competition stops. We are not a local coupon ad magazine. WHAT WE ARE is an innovative solutions partner. We will leverage 20+ years of strategic experience with Fortune 50 companies and incorporate the tried-and-true fundamentals in your small business marketing/advertising plan. Click the link below to schedule a meeting today and let's discuss how to make your good marketing ... great! In the end, if your current providers can't show you quantifiable results outside of distribution and 'eyeballs,' you may be wasting precious time and money!