About us

Over Yonder Magazine is a veteran independent-owned business that supports local micro to small independent businesses that operate in OUR local community. Albeit passed down from generation to generation or a brand new venture, locally owned and operated is the foundation by which OUR small community stands. Whether OUR communities thrive is up to us! We have a 'choice' to spend OUR hard earned money in big box stores where the revenue is sent off to some major conglomerate -or- we can chose to spend OUR money for goods and services right here in OUR little county of Mecklenburg. Supporting (OUR neighbor) the small business owner who lives, shops and raises his/her family! Communities are built on support, personal involvement, culture, lifestyle and solidified via engaged local governmental leadership who value independent small business and community. 

Embrace Community. Live Here. Buy Here. #LoveOurTown

Top priority for Over Yonder is OUR community and the key foundational element of a strong community is GIVING BACK! A percentage of all net advertising revenue is donated to a local (North Carolina) Charities - Loaves & Fishes and US Marine Toys 4 Tots. Click the 'Charity Tab' to learn more about this amazing organization and the positive impact they have on the towns we live in.

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